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Women well-being and menopause

Hot flushes, night sweats, disturbed sleep, weakened bones, skin ageing... Significant numbers of women experience these kinds of inconvenience as they approach the menopause. Take advantage of our gentle, natural responses to help you through this delicate transition smoothly.

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Omega 3

Emotional balance and stable mood Box of 60 capsules of marine origin. 15-day supply.


Increases vitality and libido Box of 60 tablets. Up to 30-day supply.

Calcium - Vitamin D

Helps strengthen bones Tube of 20 effervescent tablets. . 10 to 20-day supply..

Sauge Bio en vrac

Feuilles séchées de sauge pour tisane Boîte de 20g. A consommer ponctuellement selon les besoins. 10 jours.
12 products
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