Région du Gers

Our Story We have loved, respected and studied nature ever since 1972

Fleurance Nature is a French brand, launched in the Gers region in 1972. The company is a pioneer and leader in ORGANIC production. To be even more precise, our story begins in Fleurance, a small town right in the heart of south-western France, thanks to farmer, Michel Descamps.

It all started when this farmer from Fleurance realised the impact of new productivity constraints in agriculture. By discovering in particular that the use of pesticides made his cows sick, he decided to create products without pesticides or chemical additives, and thus became a pioneer of organic farming without actually recognising it, and the subsequent founder of Fleurance Nature.

For almost 50 years, we have been formulating and manufacturing natural and ORGANIC products, convinced of their beneficial properties for both health and the environment. Based on this experience, we have devoted all of our know-how and expertise to promoting your well-being on a daily basis.

Historique Fleurance