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Mincifine® fat binder

Proven slimming efficacy from nopal!

Meno-Mincifine® global

Global slimming action for women over 45 years old

Mincifine® draining vials

To promote the elimination of water and toxins

Mincifine® firming oil

Une huile gorgée d’actifs pour raffermir, affiner et tonifier la peau

Organic green tea

Organic Fairtrade green tea (from the Da Zhang Shan mountains)

Mincifine® Program 3 in 1

3-In-1 Slimming programme based on organic plants

Mincifine® fat burner

Slimming formula with organic active ingredients containing caffeine

Probioboost® slimming

To balance the flora and stay in shape

Detox concentrate

To cleanse and drain the body

Mincifine® day and night

Targeted around-the-clock slimming action!