Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

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Marine magnesium-B6

Balanced nervous system and muscular function

Organic acerola

100% natural vitamin C

Cod liver oil

A natural source of vitamins A and D

Essential vitamins & minerals

All your essential nutrients in a single daily tablet

Vitamins & minerals for natural defences

3 probiotics, 12 vitamins, 8 minerals and 1 adaptogen plant to boost your natural defences


Restore a nervous and muscular balance

Omega memory

I stimulate my memory and concentration

Vitaminerals boost

For a welcome boost!

Krill oil-Vitamin C-Manganese

To maintain joint function

Calcium-Vitamin D

Helps strengthen bones

Organic Shiitaké

An ORGANIC Shiitake extract enriched with Vitamin B12

A-C-E selenium zinc

To combat free radicals