Vitality, anti-aging and memory

Stay fit naturally!
Our ORGANIC active ingredients (including ginseng, spirulina, guarana and acerola) and complete formulas will help your body recharge its batteries, replenish essential nutrients and stimulate your vitality and mental energy in order to cater for everyone's needs

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Increases vitality and libido Box of 60 tablets. Up to 30-day supply.

Vitamineraux boost

To kick start your day! Tube of 15 effervescent tablets. 15 doses.

Omega Memory

I stimulate my memory and my concentration Box of 30 plant origin hard capsules+ 30 marine origin capsules. For 30 days.


Mutlivitamin syrup for a family in top form! Bottle of 150 ml. 15 days for adults/ 30 days for children..

Royal jelly

A real concentrate of nutrients ! Food supplement 3 graduated pump dispensers of 10g.. 30-day supply..

Gommes douceur bio

Une douceur pleine d'éléments nutritifs Boîte de 35 g. A prendre dès que le besoin se fait sentir.

Organic acerola

100% natural vitamin C Tube of 20 chewable tablets. 20-day supply.
24 products
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