Vitamins, minerals ans trace elements

Check out our selection of products formulated with essential vitamins and minerals
These nutrients are vital to your body, and yet it is unable to produce them itself... Find the most appropriate answers to your specific health issues thanks to our comprehensive product range.

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Calcium - Vitamin D

Helps strengthen bones Tube of 20 effervescent tablets. . 10 to 20-day supply..


Mutlivitamin syrup for a family in top form! Bottle of 150 ml. 15 days for adults/ 30 days for children..

Organic acerola

100% natural vitamin C Tube of 20 chewable tablets. 20-day supply.

Vitamineraux boost

To kick start your day! Tube of 15 effervescent tablets. 15 doses.

Omega Memory

I stimulate my memory and my concentration Box of 30 plant origin hard capsules+ 30 marine origin capsules. For 30 days.

Cod liver oil

A natural source of vitamins A and D Box of 50 gel capsules of marine origin. 12 days.
15 products
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