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For example, Fleurance Nature actively supports 2 associations:

1. "Les Jardins de Cocagne" (The gardens of Cocagne in Fleurance): a successful combination of organic farming & social responsibility!

Since April 2012, Fleurance Nature has been investing in the development of Les Jardins de Cocagne in Fleurance.

These 6 hectares of plants are nestled in the heart of Gers, in the commune of Fleurance, the cradle of our origins. Les Jardins de Cocagne consists of organic vegetable farms, active in the field of labour market inclusion through economic activity.

Crop after crop , Fleurance Nature will incorporate the use of these organic active ingredients in its products.

First scheduled ingredients: black radish and borage !

The principle of Les Jardins de Cocagne:
Their status according to law 1901, is that of a non-profit association, and they exist mainly in the form of Rehabilitation Workshops and Work sites (ACI).
The gardeners are individuals recruited on the road to rehabilitation. These individuals find themselves living on the poverty line: beneficiaries of minimum wages, individuals from CHRSs (Social Housing and Rehabilitation Centres) or other reception centres, without an income, homeless, long-standing unemployment, who have never worked, etc.
They are employed at the different occupations in a Garden (preparation and cultivation in greenhouses and "open field", preparation of vegetable baskets and their delivery, maintenance of the premises and equipment, etc...)For the duration of their work contract with Les Jardins de Cocagne, the gardeners are supervised by a team of vegetable professionals and social workers.
They benefit from socio-professional support.

Find out more about the Les Jardins de Cocagne network 

2. 1001Fontaines pour demain" (1,001 Fountains for tomorrow): Water, a major humanitarian and environmental concern

A crucial issue that concerns both health and the environment is water!

Almost one and a half billion persons, 900 million of whom live in a rural environment, do not have access to drinking water.
The goal of "1001 Fontaines pour demain" is to sustainably improve the health of poor and isolated populations in developing countries by enabling them to produce healthy drinking water locally, based on an entrepreneurial model that ensures autonomy of the village and the durability of the solution. This is why Fleurance Nature is proud to be associated with and to associate its customers with the "1001 Fontaines pour demain" project and its essential action of solidarity.

Through the "1001 Fontaines pour demain" concept, "fountains" can be installed in small isolated communities that enable them to produce their own drinking water in conformance with WHO criteria without waiting for a water supply system. 1001 Fontaines finances the installation of drinking water stations that distribute water in canisters to the homes of village inhabitants for less than 0.01€ per litre. And 1 fountain means 2 to 4 jobs created in the village!

And today, thanks to the success of this initiative, we are proud to announce that Fleurance Nature is now sponsoring the entire village of Mesa Prachan,
in the Cambodian province of Prey Veaeng, where a fountain was installed.

So, thanks to the loyalty of the partnership  between Fleurance Nature and 1001 fontaines pour demain, hundreds of families now have access to clean drinking water ! 

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