Vie au naturel

Our mission For over 45 years, Fleurance Nature has been studying and selecting the best natural active ingredients for the health, beauty and well-being of all

Our scientific team carefully selects the plants, marine active ingredients and hive products used to make our products.

Led by Michel de Sarrieu, Doctor of Pharmacy, and including agronomists and quality engineers, the team aims to formulate natural and organic products that are both effective and safe, in accordance with French and European regulations. 

Every day, we see that more and more consumers around the world are turning to more natural, safer, environmentally friendly products.

Consequently, Fleurance Nature continues to increase its investments in product development: sourcing, extraction methods, formulation and traceability.

Because we are convinced that the biggest challenge facing us in the future is not only to live longer but to live better every day.

We choose the best that nature has to offer to create and develop safe, high-quality, environmentally friendly food supplements and cosmetics. Philippe Rombi, President of Fleurance Nature.

Our values

A natural approach

We are committed to organic production and to using ingredients obtained with Organic Production methods whenever possible.

We pay close attention to the origin and growing conditions of the ingredients we use.

All of our cosmetic products are certified organic.

Some of our food supplements are not certified organic. This is generally because they contain vitamins, minerals, trace elements or active ingredients of marine origin. We are gradually working on organic alternatives for these products. 

We are eco-responsible. 

We are constantly seeking to simplify our packaging and make it more ecologically friendly :

- Our packaging and communication materials are printed with vegetable inks on paper and cardboard from FSC-certified sustainably managed forests, contributing to sustainable forest management.
- We use environmentally friendly PET bottles and pillboxes.
- We are also working on the recyclability of the materials used in our supply chain (from our flow pack to the cartons used).


Your satisfaction is our primary concern. This is reflected at all times in the care we take in processing your order, from reception through to delivery.
Our Fleurance-based consultants are listening to you, guiding you and collecting your opinions on a daily basis. Don’t hesitate to give them a call to hear their melodious tones!


Organic produce for everyone
We have decided to sell our products directly, without intermediaries, so that you can benefit from the most attractive prices possible, given the very high level of quality required.
We have chosen to offer low, affordable prices in a bid to make our food supplements and natural and organic cosmetics available to as many people as possible.

Fleurance Nature - the organic health and beauty specialist